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Create better SKOS vocabularies

PoolParty SKOS Quality Checker allows you to perform automated quality checks on controlled vocabularies. You will receive a report of our findings.

This service is based on qSKOS and is able to make checks on over 20 quality issues.

You will organize uploaded vocabularies by giving a name for which you may provide different versions of the same vocabulary. This way you can easily track quality improvements over time.

When using our service you agree with the following terms of use:

  • You agree that we (Semantic Web Company) store the information your login provider (depending on your selection either Google, LinkedIn, Xing or Twitter) passes to us when using our service. We may use it to send you information about our products.
  • We may, from time to time, invite you to provide feedback regarding the service.The feedback you provide will be used for improving our products. We have the right to publish such feedback in an anonymized form.
  • You agree that your uploaded content is stored on infrastructure operated by us. We may use it for statistical analysis and product refinement but will not change, publish or redistribute it in any form.
  • We don’t provide any guarantee for continuous availability of the service. Furthermore, we reserve the right to discontinue the service at any time without providing a proper replacement.

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